As a Virtual Assistant, I’m Making a Change


Take a look now. My new job is as a virtual assistant. I get up at 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for myself and my family. I packed my baby’s daily necessities, dashed to the restroom, dressed for work, and ate. Then I start work at 8 a.m., but to be there before or early, I have to wait for a public vehicle at 6 a.m., or else I will be stuck in the morning rush hour. When I get to work, I complete my eight-hour shift, an hour of leave, and a watch.

Then I had to contend with a swarm of exhausted and hungry folks who needed to get home. I get home exhausted (not to mention a hundred years old) and see my son lying in bed, too sleepy to do anything with my spouse but eat and sleep. Then, the next day, repeat the never-ending cycle. Overall, I’ve wasted 4-5 hours of my life on road trips that could have been spent with my family or on more useful pursuits.

Acceptance and recognition

“This vexing loop has to come to an end!” But I still need a job. What should I do? I said a prayer. I rolled my eyes and urged him to point me in the right direction. It’s strange, but times of despair necessitate steps of despair. Reading the ad for a virtual assistant, I noticed that it was constantly in front of my face. I used to work before that, processing online store orders.

In addition, I hired my former boss from the company where I worked and became a trainer at Filipino Virtual Assistant. I enrolled in her Freelancing Course and accepted the concept of transitioning from office employment to Virtual Assistants. Life throws many distractions and challenges my way, but here I continue to learn and pave my way to a self-sufficient working world.

Acceptance and transformation of change

The introduction of limitless modern technology opens the door to corporate expansion. The process flow is set there, and employees expect to outperform their metrics and KPIs teams. However, the workers’ day-to-day challenges, add to our stress and failure to perform well. The situation in which a woman should leave her one-month-old infant at home to go to work. A lost father’s regret is the time he spends with his children because he is so far away from home. We are, after all, human beings who are under stress. We do our best for them, but money isn’t everything. It is a waste of time to miss out on the time we should have spent with them during their childhood.

I relocated to Portugal with my husband and son last year, and finding work here is nearly tough because I don’t know the language. So, after a brief stay, I resumed my online courses and now work part-time as a writer. It’s a start, and I’m optimistic. I’m still learning new skills and working on other projects to help my family’s money. Because of university superstition, I was first skeptical of choosing online employment. You are expected to work hard and achieve success in the firm. However, this works wonderfully for me and much more.

Advantages of Working as a Virtual Assistant

The smallest details are the most essential. I couldn’t underscore enough the voice I’d heard since I was a child. Here are some of the things I’ve learned since starting to look for a job online:

Spending time and being present for all of your child’s milestones is priceless. Influencing and cultivating their personality will result in substantial rewards.

Time-efficient. You have more time to do the things that are more essential to you rather than being stuck in traffic.

Increase productivity. Working from home relieves a tremendous deal of stress, pushing us to do more than just be present.

You are in command. This style of operation allows us to produce high-quality solutions while avoiding the employer’s toughness.

The only limit is your imagination. The search engine is only the tip of the iceberg; much more is on the way. It’s now an issue of patience and perseverance.

The private classes I’ve taken contain a wide range of topics that have helped me become more skilled and efficient at my job.

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